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FinTech (R)Evolution, RegTech opportunity - why is it important?         ... and why AGILE?

FinTech (R)Evolution, RegTech opportunity - why is it important? ... and why AGILE?

Financial Technology innovation - "FinTech" is transforming retail and commercial banking, no doubt. With different levels of success and failure. Online banks, mobile payment platforms, peer-to-peer lending, all sorts of financial services apps are driving customers away from traditional ways of banking towards technology-driven solutions.

Financial service providers have to find the right balance between what needs to be developed in-house in terms of technology and documentation versus what can be outsourced to vendors and external consultants. This applies especially in terms of digital onboarding, and other regulatory technology developments, where many SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions are available.

Whether it is about a big bank or a small fintech software company, the coordination of development/implementation processes is a key factor for company success.

AGILE means a bunch of new, adaptive ways of IT project management, which helps companies to keep track of the fast-changing business requirements.

Our mission is to provide practical, in-depth pieces of training for Project Managers, Product Owners, Banking and Coaching Professionals, who are interested in Financial Technology developments and especially wish to learn more about the SCRUM framework, and IT Project Management.

Adopting an AGILE mindset and introducing SCRUM can provide a viable solution for the day-to-day management of remote work as well.

FinTech Business Agility – 1 Day workshop

FinTech ecosystem is becoming more and more complex and technology terms, buzzwords, like Open Banking, Mobile Wallets, AI, Big Data, Blockchain, Tokenization are used frequently in everyday life. Look behind the tech buzzwords and understand the real business opportunity around them. Get to know the new business models and the players of new Financial Services Ecosystem. Get familiar with Agile mindset and the foundations of SCRUM. Learn more about the actual market trends and the ongoing competitive and regulatory pressures (PSD2, EMD, GDPR, MiCA, MiFID, AMLDs) to become a better Product Owner. Training provided in English language.

Scrum Master – 2 Days workshop

Discover the 'human touch' and the adaptive approach in IT Project Management by getting familiar with the details of SCRUM and AGILE. Develop your project management knowledge in order to lead and support IT development teams on a higher level. Get prepared for the internationally recognized Professional Scrum Master certification (PSM I with our help and give a leverage to your career. Training provided partially in English and Russian/Ukrainian language.  

Agile Coaching – 2 Days workshop

Develop your coaching skillset in order to support IT development teams on a higher level. Understand the ongoing changes in the financial technology industry and get prepared to work in Agile corporate environments as an Agile Coach. Enhance your team problem solving and facilitation skills, especially as applied to Agile ceremonies, collaborative events, and other team “moments of truth.” Training provided in Russian/Ukrainian language.

Our Team


Managing Partner,
PMP® - Project Management Professional

Attila has broad professional experience with 20+ years in Banking, Wealth Management, Payment/Settlement, and Project Management in the CEE region.

He served as business development director in leading regional financial institutions, such as OTP Bank, Raiffeisen, Citi. Worked in national clearing/settlement system development at KELER CSD/CCP and contributed to a digital AML/KYC fintech project at Complytron Ltd.

During his professional assignments, he got hands-on experience working in Agile corporate environments within big banking organizations and in smaller lean start-ups as well.



Consultant, Coach@ICF, PSM - Professional Scrum Master

Nataliya is a broadly accomplished business trainer and coach with over 15 years of comprehensive experience in delivering banking product development projects and personal development courses.

Her career both as a product and a project manager at OTP Bank, ProCredit Bank, Crassula, and at 'Zhyvoe Delo' Int. Integral Coaching School furnishes the industry expertise to provide practical insights about SCRUM and Agile Coaching.



Business Trainer, Agile Coach

Nataliya is a seasoned business trainer with over 15 years of professional experience in the area of Customer Relationship Management. She was in charge of setting up, managing and training large call center operation teams at Zenko Group and managed internal communication and client service trainings within the telekom sector (Ukrtelekom) and as well as in the banking sector (OTP Bank).

She is a committed coaching professional, with solid experience in people/team management.

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 We develop competence and confidence in the possession of SCRUM and AGILE.

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